Veediam at Glance

Veediam believes in simple yet powerful rules:-

We have been serving for decades delivering more than the conventional services and laid a remarkable goodwill among clients and suppliers giving them ultimate conformance and performance.

We do not only conduct business responsibilities but also social and environmental responsibilities.

Corporate Policy

Conduct The Business Ethically & Responsibly Prevent Bribery & Avoid Facilitation Payments Comply With Local & International Financial

Regulation Comply With Kimberly Process Certification Scheme Avoid & Prevent Dealing In Conflict Diamond Comply With World Diamond Council System of Warranties

Disclose The Correct Quality Parameter Of Diamond Pay At Least Minimum Remuneration As Declared By Regulators

Comply With Employment Regulation –Arbeidsreglement

Address Employee Grievance Through Direct Discussions Prevent Discrimination & Provide Equal Opportunities Provide A Clean, Safe & Healthy Work Environment Reduce The Environmental Impacts Of Our Operations Uphold Fundamental Human Rights & Right of Employees Prevent Child Labour, Forced Labour & Unfair Labor Practices

Prakash Patel VEEDIAM BVBA

Why VeeDiam? Key Fact
  • Created and are actively developing our own sales system based on long-term agreements with manufacturers of polished diamonds and jewelry.
  • As a core principle of out trade policy, we ensure all customers have equal access to rough diamonds.
  • Experienced supplier of rough diamonds to world market.
  • Operational team with proven 24/7 experience.
  • Diamond marketing with more transparency and greater liquidity.


We are member of RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) that is not for profit, Standard setting and certification organisation. It has more than 700 Member companies that span the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail. RJC Certification programs are designed to support responsible business practices in the jewellery supply chain. They are based on rigorous standard developed through multi stake holder process, including the RJC Standards Committee and multiple opportunities for public comment and we are proud to be member of RJC.